Points system

The 2017 Lady Jockeys’ Thoroughbred World Championship presented by Chess Racing, was decided on a points basis over five nine-runner races with the rider amassing the most points crowned champion.

Four independent experts assessed each race and ranked the runners 1-9. The runners was then divided into three groups – A ranked (top category), B ranked and C ranked. Each rider was drawn to ride  1 x A, 2 x B, 2 x C during the five races.

Points were awarded as follows:

  • 1st place – 15 points
  • 2nd place – 12 points
  • 3rd place – 10 points
  • 4th place – 7 points
  • 5th place – 4 points
  • Unplaced – 2 points
  • Non-runner: 5 points

Any offence judged by the stewards resulted in a five points deduction from the rider’s total.